WEB Services

Galaxy Servers

  • Galaxy Mississippi. All you need is to create a new user account on the Mississippi server and get started. There, you freely benefit from 200 GB disk space as well as from the Galaxy tools installed in Mississippi. Only one account per user is allowed. It is highly recommended to use your institutional email address for best admin support. Accounts without activity for the 12 last months will be automatically cleared from their histories to preserve effective space for other users. Users with two or more accounts will be banned. Should you need more disk space on Mississippi, we can expand user’s space disk quota for 0.1 € / Gb / Month. This paid plan gives you access to a personalized support on Mississippi.
  • ARTbio Galaxy server. If you contract with ARTbio for an analysis project, you will have access to a personalised ARTbio Galaxy account on a dedicated private server as well as to other computational environments such as R-studio, Jupiter, or linux shell.

Nextcloud File storage

ARTbio offers a storage and file management solution on Nextcloud server, available to any user with emails @upmc.fr, @sorbonne-universite.fr, @aphp.fr and @gmail.com

Free evaluation until 31 December 2019 on simple connection to usegalaxy.sorbonne-universite.fr/nextcloud/

Pricing and more information

Rstudio servers

ARTbio offers personal R-Studio accounts to members of Sorbonne Universite:

Rstudio allows performing analyses in an R environment and has powerful utilities for publication and sharing of R sessions. In addition, an Rstudio account gives access to Unix shell of the ARTbio server. Thus, you will have the possibility to use the server for command line session (bash, python, conda environment, etc.).

Pricing. An ARTbio Rstudio account costs 10€ /month with a file quota of 100 Gb + 0.05 € / additional Gb/month when this quota is overcome. The service must be subscribed for a minimum duration of 1 month and may be renewed, consecutively or not, as many times as desired. You have a one-month free trial period.