Galaxy Mississippi Server

Mississippi server policy


If you are already an experimented Galaxy user, all you need is to create a new user account on the Mississippi server and get started. There, you freely benefit from 200 GB* disk space as well as from the Galaxy tools installed in Mississippi. Data can be uploaded to Mississippi following the instructions given in the upload tool (“Choose FTP file” tab). Should you need more disk space on Mississippi, please contact us: we can expand user’s space disk quota for 0.1 € / Gb / Month. Note that this paid plan gives you access to a personalized support on Mississippi.


Only one account per user is allowed. It is highly recommended to use your institutional email address for best admin support. Users with two or more accounts will be banned.

Accounts without activity for the 12 last months will be automatically cleared from their histories to preserve effective space for other users

Accounts without activity for the 6 last months may be partially cleared from their older histories if needed.

Suscription to @ARTbio_IBPS twitter account is recommended for live info on Mississippi.

* Mississippi users registered before 2018 will continue to benefit from 300 Gb for free, while having standard access to the paid plan.

ARTbio service delivery

  • If you contract with ARTbio for an analysis project, you may also have access to personalised Galaxy servers as well as other computational environments such as R-studio, Jupiter, or linux shell.